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VTM: Bloodlines Weekly Update #1

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VTM: Bloodlines Weekly Update #1

Development Info - posted by Exitium on Sat 31 January 2004, 17:06:48

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Troika has released their first weekly update on the development of VTM: Bloodlines and its features at the Bloodlines Inn. Here's the post in full:
1. I would like to know if you came to a decision about the other
possible paths of thaumaturgy. Is it still on your wish list? Will you
allow us to choose between different paths like Movement of the Mind, or
will the Path of Blood be the only one selectable?

It's still on the wish list, but right now we're really focusing in on the path of blood. We've developed some really cool effects for this
that you'll start to see us unveil in the coming months.

2. How much flexibility is there going to be in feeding? I assume more combative characters can probably still just grab people and feed from
them (at the expense of the Masquerade), but will there be systems in place for seduction? How about sneaking into houses to feed from sleeping mortals?

There is a system in place for seductive feeding through dialog as well as a combat feed. We've made feeding into much more of a game-within-a-game than allowing the player to simply sneak into a
mortal's house and feed on them while they are sleeping, though. You will need to carefully watch people's paths and behaviors, or use your abilities to lure them into isolated areas, to try to feed on them when they are in opportune areas, either in darkness or away from other NPCs.

I don't like the sound of Anne Rice's vampiric 'seduction' ideas getting into the game, preferring a more 'monsterous' vampire over the Buffy/Angel crossover homoerotic slash fan fiction that passes these days for best selling novels.

Thanks Patrick!

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