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VtmB patch controversy quelled and patch reboot

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VtmB patch controversy quelled and patch reboot

Community - posted by Role-Player on Mon 23 April 2007, 16:35:21

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Anyone who's been following Vampire: Bloodlines' community for a while, as well as visiting our forums lately is probably aware of the controversy surrounding the patches available for Troika Games' final CRPG, with Wesp and Tessera being the main participants. It seems Tessera and Acrimonius have something to say about it all:
We did in fact use many of Wesp's scripts when we created the original version of our patch. Those scripts already contained many legitimate bug fixes, so we saw no reason not to draw from them. Those scripts are also laced with comments from Wesp, in which he cites his own name all over the place within those scripts. Underneath many of those comments are the actual entries that Wesp then changed. In many cases, the changes that Wesp had made were legitimate repairs and Acrimonious left them intact. In many other cases, the changes Wesp made were inappropriate and Acrimonious changed those entries back to what Troika wanted them to be. He did not, however, remove the comments from Wesp... as a courtesy to Wesp himself. Obviously, this was back at a time when we were in a hurry to produce an alternative and also, Acrimonious still had a degree of respect for Wesp back then. For all I know, he still does... respect Wesp, that is.(...)

Acrimonious is a trooper. He has worked his butt off on our True VTMB Patch, adding no less than 100 additional megabytes of bug fixes and restored content (...). This entire project has been a labor of love and it has also been a gift of sorts to the VTMB community. We would absolutely hate to see our good intentions being trashed by an angry post-adolescent, whose childish ego is preventing him from understanding why this patch needed to be made. At the same time, we don't wish to see any of Wesp's tantrums against our patch gain any traction within the VTMB community. That has left us with only one legitimate path to take in this matter:

Starting today, Acrimonious has restored his VTMB installation to the official (1.2) version. Now see if you can guess what he has decided to do next...

Yep, he has decided to totally, utterly and completely go through every single Python script and configuration file, all over again, by himself. Acrimonious already knows what all of the bugs in VTMB are and where they come from. He is an expert programmer in his own right (as we have already seen) and he is going to totally re-patch this game himself. Re-compile it from scratch. Re-compile it without incorporating anyone else's pre-existing works. (...)


(1) The current version of our patch will no longer be fully supported by us, due to the controversy surrounding it.
(2) The next version of the True VTMB Patch, which will be named 4.04AT, is currently being produced. Stay tuned for updated info about the progress of that patch.
(3) The next version of our patch WILL NOT WORK unless it is applied to a clean, fresh installation of VTMB. If you have been using ANY
previous patches or mods -- including our own patches -- then you will need to ERASE the entire game from your hard drive and do a complete re-installation of the game -- BEFORE you can properly apply the next version of the True VTMB Patch.
(4) Future patches produced by us WILL support everything from 4.04AT --> onwards. They will NOT support any patches or mods that were produced prior to upcoming version 4.04AT. This means that if and when we release an updated patch after 4.04AT, you will not need to do this re-installation deal all over again. You will be able to install any future patches directly on top of 4.04AT, without any problems.
Hopefully, the whole mess won't stop an actual patch being developed by whoever decides to work on one. Good luck to everyone involved.

Spotted at: Tessmage Forums

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