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GameSpot somewhat more critical of Bloodlines

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GameSpot somewhat more critical of Bloodlines

Review - posted by Spazmo on Thu 18 November 2004, 03:34:01

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Gamespot PC are the next site to offer their opinion on Troika's Bloodlines. Their review gives the Vampire RPG a less impressive 7.7 out of 10.
Where Bloodlines stumbles is in its combat system, which simply feels clumsy and unsatisfactory. The combat mechanics are a blend of twitch-based action and role-playing stats, and it's an awkward compromise. You can battle it out from a first-person perspective using firearms, or you can switch to a third-person viewpoint to use melee weapons, such as knives and swords. However, while Bloodlines is built on a first-person shooter engine, the gunplay is nowhere near as smooth and natural as it should be. Your firearm abilities depend heavily on your characters stats; it's not as simple as placing the cursor over a target. Unless you invest heavily in improving your firearm skills, your aim will veer wildly. Meanwhile, melee weapons are simply overpowering, and combat is skewed heavily toward knife and swordplay. To give you some perspective, we attempted a certain boss battle with a character specializing in firearms and lost repeatedly, but we beat it on the first time that we used a knife instead of a gun.
That's more or less the only thing they take issue with, although a brief mention of the odd crash is made. Given how integral to the average RPG experience combat is, I guess it makes sense--assuming the combat is as bad as they say.

Thanks once more to butsomuch--because why shouldn't someone do my job for me?

Exitium's Update: Check out the Community Lowdown score for Bloodlines. It reads: 9.4 from over 200 votes and 2 reader reviews. That's where the real score is at, baby.

Gamespot sucks.

There are 229 comments on GameSpot somewhat more critical of Bloodlines

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