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Some thoughts on ToEE & DnD at Kuro5

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Some thoughts on ToEE & DnD at Kuro5

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 13 April 2004, 15:57:01

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Kuro5hin has posted an article that looks at every aspect of Temple of Elemental Evil from the DnD point of view.

Troika tried to apply the outsourced rules in order to gain market share by using this bleeding edge dice ruleset (on reputation alone, as AD&D core rules worked nicely for Bioware's products), when in fact the game becomes crippled by the use of this system, on many accounts. Alignment, back-story, spell complexity (especially higher level spells), and spatial intricacies of PPRPG are all affected by the difficulties porting PPRPG to CRPG.

Character creation is indeed adequate in TOEE, and the computer uses the rules to save time building a merry band of adventurers using all the rules generated by d20 3.5; when this system is easy in the beginning, it goes all downhill from here.
Very unusual point of view, to say the least. Discuss!

Thanks, Patrick

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