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Temple+ Engine Enhancement and Bugfix Mod for The Temple of Elemental Evil Released

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Temple+ Engine Enhancement and Bugfix Mod for The Temple of Elemental Evil Released

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 2 April 2016, 15:27:09

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Temple+; Troika Games

Shortly after the reveal of the "secret" Temple of Elemental Evil world editor last year, longtime TToEE modder Sitra Achara was exiled from the Circle of Eight modding community under mysterious circumstances. He quickly set up shop here on the Codex with a few compatriots, launching a TToEE modding subforum in our Codex Workshop section. I admit that I didn't think that subforum would ever amount to much. Happily, I was very wrong.

Today, after nearly a year of work, Sitra Achara and Pugmeister announce the release of Temple+, a groundbreaking new mod for The Temple of Elemental Evil. Unlike the Circle of Eight mod, Temple+ is a binary-level modification, replacing the game's DLLs to fix bugs and offer enhancements that CO8 never could. Here's the announcement text:


Pugmeister and I are pleased to officially announce project Temple+, an engine enhancement and bugfixes mod for ToEE.

Temple+ enables replacing original ToEE C code with our own brand new 1's and 0's. This has allowed us to do things that have never before been possible with ToEE modding, such as fixing many old and stubborn hardcoded bugs, improving UI behavior, enhancing the core pathfinding algorithm, and much much more. In particular, the entire rendering system has been overhauled for compatibility with modern systems, which also fixes the graphical issues encountered by Win10 users.

We are very excited by the opportunities this opens up for gameplay and modding, and look forward to working with the community to shape the future of ToEE. For us, it is a chance to realize the GotY Edition ToEE never had :) It is furthermore an open-source project, hosted on GitHub - everyone can contribute, whether it be code or documentation on the on-site Wiki.

The first release of Temple+ (v1.0) is focused on laying the foundations for future expansion, replacing many of the original systems with our own. Building on this base, we have many plans for the future, including a thorough UI overhaul, new Classes, Feats and Spell Effects, smarter AI, and so on. You'll already find a glimpse of that in 1.0, and it's only going to get better! In between major releases, you'll also be able to enjoy automated updates to keep current with minor enhancements and fixes.

Download Temple+ 1.0

We'd like to thank to our community members for the extensive testing they have given to Temple+. Heinous Hat and gazra in particular, who have gone above and beyond and may well have put in more QA hours than the original ToEE testers! ;)

Temple+ 1.0 out!
Check out the changelog for a list of what you can expect.
If you encounter any issues, please report them here.

Sitra Achara (aka Cattletech) and Pugmeister
It's a brand new era for The Temple of Elemental Evil. Read the full announcement post for an illustrated look at Temple+'s major features. Installation instructions and other support information are available here.

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