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TOEE Lives!

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TOEE Lives!

Mod News - posted by Exitium on Tue 30 November 2004, 21:13:23

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Just when you thought Temple of Elemental Evil was dead! New modifications are in development at the Circle of Eight that some of you might want to become a part of. First up is a call for a new project in development to add new content to TOEE.

[Project] New Content!

I started this thread becuase I am looking for a team to work on a project that adds new content to the game. Currently I am looking to add:

New Clothing, specifically to the tailor's shop, including new mage's robes, hoodless cloaks, and cloaks/hoodless cloaks that carry the symbol of the dieties that you can choose in game. Also perhaps more colors.

New models/ textures/icons for armor: new helmets, some gilded textures for old helms, a set of inlaid ivory full plate armor and matching helms/boots/gauntlets.

New weapons: models, textures, icons, masterwork versions of some of the more exotic models already in the game. etc.

New Quests: There are a lot of unused characters that we could give late-game quests to where they could reward you with a family hierloom(sp?) *cough fancy amor cough* etc.

My skills:
protos and mes file manipulation
creative design
minor texturing

What I need from you guys:
someone who can edit .dlg files and do some scripting.
someone who is very proficient at texturing and owns or has access to photoshop
someone who can figure out the cloth physics the engine uses.

my email is
email me if you would like to contribute to this project.

The second juicy dish is the Public Beta release of the ToEE Mod Studio 2004, which you can see here.

I decided to release a Public Beta version of my ToEE Mod Studio 2004 so you may see what's it like, try it out, find out the bugs so I can fix them, and possibly make some comments as to what else you want to see. The current version includes an updated version of the Spawner Mod (v0.41b) that fixes a horrible bug with the object coordinates that prevented the spawning from working on certain maps in the previous version. Also, the current version of the Mod Studio includes:

- A editor
- A description.mes/long_description.mes editor
- A NPC inventory editor
- A SpawnerScript(TM) feature to aid in making spawning scripts for the Spawner Mod (still early in development, but already very powerful).
- A Starting Equipment editor for all classes.
- A MOB Analysis tool.
- A Map manager to modify properties of the game maps or add/delete entries for possible new maps.

This version hasn't been extensively tested yet so it's very likely that it contains bugs. Please post your comments, ideas, and bug-reports!

The tool requires .NET Framework v1.1.
Make sure you read the manual before using the tool!

Thanks in advance for support.

You can grab the tool in this thread.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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