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Bizarre rumours: Troika shutting down?

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Bizarre rumours: Troika shutting down?

Company News - posted by Spazmo on Sat 29 January 2005, 04:11:50

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky; Troika Games

Gamespot PC's quite interesting weekly Rumor Control feature includes, among a bevvy of console tidbits, the rather surprising idea that Troika Games, developers of the recent Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is closing its doors, which they got from a thread at Quarter to Three.
While many independent developers are enjoying success (i.e. BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment), others are not faring as well. This week, word surfaced that indie shop Troika Games, which was founded by several former Fallout developers and Interplay castaways, had fallen on hard times--so hard that, by some reports, it was closing its doors. So GameSpot went to the man himself, co-CEO and co-founder Leonard Boyarsky, to find out what's what. Boyarsky then gave us this cryptic answer: "We are basically perusing some options...after the beginning of February, we'll be making a statement." So, for now, they're still in business. But with February less than a week away, that could change soon.
I personally don't buy it at all since they just shipped a game that seems to be doing well and since Temple of Elemental Evil sold pretty solidly as well. Hopefully, this mysterious February statement will be the formal announcement of FAILSAFE: A POST APOCALYPSE RPG.

And yes, rumers innuendoes n lies!, but given that Boyarsky responded with something that isn't a firm denial, I figure that makes it newsworthy.

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