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ToEE queries and retorts at Greyhawk Chronicles

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ToEE queries and retorts at Greyhawk Chronicles

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 10 September 2003, 15:40:16

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Tim Cain; Troika Games

Tim Cain was interviewed by the chap at Greyhawk Chronicles, who forgot to ask why the game was turn based - a requirement for anyone doing one of these about Temple of Elemental Evil! Here's one question:

2.) What "cool feature" do you miss the most and why? Do you have plans to include those features into a possible patch?

I really wanted prestige classes in the game. Like many people, I make my characters with an idea in my head of how they end up, and prestige classes add more options for specializing my characters. I don't think that prestige classes could be patched in, but I certainly would plan to add them in a sequel.

More options for a character is one thing, but when those options include horribly overpowered, munchkin faction classes, it might be a good idea not to add them.

Spotted this at RPGPlanet.

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