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Troika Demise Confirmation

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Troika Demise Confirmation

Company News - posted by Exitium on Thu 17 February 2005, 17:48:14

Tags: Troika Games

Andrew Meggs, the Lead Programmer of Troika's Vampire: Bloodlines posted some further confirmations on the demise of the company at this thread on No Mutants Allowed.

Everyone's talking about what the ex-Troika people are going to do. The reality is that for the past several months Troika has been on a skeleton crew. The real layoffs happened in two waves at the start and end of November, and a lot of people have already moved on. I know of ex-Troika people working for all of these companies:

Day One Studios
Mythic Entertainment
Obsidian Entertainment
Point of View (2)
Seven Studios (2)
Sony (2)
Supervillains (2)
Swinging Ape
Tiger Hare (2+)
Turtle Rock

(And any of you who are reading this and don't see your current employer listed, by all means PM me. Let's not lose touch.)

It's nice to know that many of them have found more work in the game industry. The reality that Troika's been in trouble since the end of November may come as a surprise to some, however.

Update: Because Bloodlines was released on November 16, Saint_Proverbius has commented that Troika might not have been paid for the last milestone (and final build) of the title's development. That would explain Troika's current financial situation, and also the reason why the game was in as bad a shape as it was during release.

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