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TOEE: Livonya's Mod Beta 1.0

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TOEE: Livonya's Mod Beta 1.0

Mod News - posted by Exitium on Thu 7 April 2005, 04:56:23

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Livonya has finally released Beta 1.0 of her Temple of Elemental Evil mod which builds upon the previous fan-made patches for the game. Here's a snippet of some of the big additions:
* Re-wrote entire enemy AI with additional scripting (80+ new AI scripts)
* Created a system for enemy NPCs to attempt to Break Free
* Created a system for enemy NPCs to use "scrolls" and "wands"
* Created new system for determining distance in Random Encounters
* Created system for NPC spell casters to pre-buff with spells

* Changed experience system for setting off/disarming traps (no experience)
* The only way to gain experience from traps is to disarm them
* Added new traps and repaired broken traps
* Created new trap types

* Put kids back into TOEE with dialog
* Added new sub-plots
* Added new quests
* Added new dialogs
* Added new encounters
* Added new items
* Added new creatures
* Changed some content to add realism
* Added a new merchant (very hard to gain access to)

* Adjusted hit dice size of some creatures that were simply too easy
* Adjusted many skill check requirements

* Added more uses for Pick Lock, Disarm Trap, Survival
* Added many, many new uses for Intimidate, Sense Motive, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Infomation
-- Please note that Feats that increase skills will be useful as some skills need to be very high!
-- The same can be said for spells that raise Charisma and Dexterity

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to read the instructions on how to install the mod. Please be reminded that the mod is still in beta, so bugs may invariably exist. Feel free to help out with reporting any bugs you come across.

Here's a quick explanation on what you should have before you go about installing the mod:
1) Clean installation of TOEE with no prior saves/mods/patches
2) Install Atari's Patch 2 (not Patch 3)
3) Install Circle of Eight Patch 3.0.4
4) Install Livonya's Mod Beta 1.0 + subsequent fixes which you can download as attachments in the forum thread. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS LOCATED IN THE THREAD.
5) Disable "Auto-Save" or "Auto-Save On Map Change". It's buggy.

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