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Bloodlines update #5

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Bloodlines update #5

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 11 March 2004, 14:08:23

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Another Bloodlines update is posted.

I read that in HL 2 most of the game will not inculde scripts, not even the AI. This is a very thrilling announcement . So to my question -
Will scripting be heavy in VTMB? or, more specifically will we have morethan 1 or 2 ways to complete a mission?

Vampire Bloodlines will have a very rich story, and there may be a few scenes which are best told from perspectives other than through your player character's eyes. However, we think you will be pleased with the degree of interactivity and non-linearity you will have as you participate in the story. With the wide variety of clans and abilities that players will be able to play, most missions will have several ways in which to complete a mission.

Do you have a haven? Can you pick up people at clubs with a high charisma/appearance only using dialogue trees and lure them to places to feed?

The Prince of Los Angeles will provide the player with a haven (several, actually, throughout the course of the story). And, yes, dialogs will be one of the ways in which you can lure humans into dark places to feed.

How do they come up with these questions?

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