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Bloodlines Declared Ugly Ass Bug-Ridden Piece of Shit

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Bloodlines Declared Ugly Ass Bug-Ridden Piece of Shit

Review - posted by Exitium on Mon 10 January 2005, 19:42:58

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

A game review website that somewhat mirrors our own outlook here at the Codex, aptly named "Video Games Suck", has published their 2004 Game of the Year Awards, with the Role Playing Game of the Year Award given to Blizzard's World of Warcraft with a small mention of Troika's own RPG, Bloodlines which was apparently also in the running for the award.
Role-Playing Game of the Year
Worlds of Warcraft

Most of the rpgs that came out this year have been incredible hunks of shit *COUGH* EVERQUEST 2 *COUGH* Also i know you have to pay a monthly fee which sucks a dick off a dirty camel but its just so good. Vampire Bloodlines could have been good if it wasnt an ugly ass bug ridden piece of shit. This game on the other hand kicks the ass of all the other rpgs and then shits on the fucking box and ships it back to the developer.

Pwned. It's too bad I disagree, because MMORPGs aren't really RPGs.

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