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Gamer's Depot E3 award goes to...

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Gamer's Depot E3 award goes to...

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 27 May 2003, 17:28:32

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Gamer's Depot has offered up it's E3 Awards, as most sites have done of late. Who got the best CRPG of the show? Troika's Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines, that's who. Here's the clip:

Best RPG - Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines - As we see more and more MMORPG titles in development, the single player RPG experience seems to be dying off. Luckily for us, Troika is a veteran of the genre and when they release a title, it's usually a keeper. Bloodlines is no exception and was looking pretty spiffy at this years event. The game is built on Valve's new source engine and the game's rules/mechanics backed with its solid visuals make for one of the best looking/playing RPGs we've seen in a long time. With multiple clans to play, players are given multiple approaches to the game - for example, if the player decides to play the Nosferatu, they must travel through the sewers and use their shadow skills to avoid being seen, whereas other clans may be perfectly suited to walking downtown at night in plain sight.

I wonder if there's any rivalry going on in Troika's offices right now.

Spotted this at VoodooExtreme.

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