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Vampire: Bloodlines True VTMB Patch hits 4.04AT

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Vampire: Bloodlines True VTMB Patch hits 4.04AT

Community - posted by Role-Player on Tue 12 June 2007, 18:49:34

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Tessera has pointed out in our forums the release of Acrimonius' patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, bringing it up to version 4.04AT. Here are some of the general fixes:

* Cleared the theatre after the player's opening movie trial.
* Restored some missing sounds.
* Made VV's e-mails appear at the correct times.
* Made LaCroix's payment for Tommy Flayton's review appear in mailbox when it should.
* Added zoom sway effect to SWAT sniper rifle, and increased based damage.
* Restored Cabbie's alternative greetings.
* Changed conditions and text for Mercurio's "Repaid Favors" email.
* Fixed some subtitles in Heather's dialogue.
* Fixed the huntersDead[] array in all main city hubs - hunters should now spawn correctly when a player violates the Masquerade too many times.
* Removed duplicate $ignorez lines from money envelope inventory images.
* Moved Beckett's downtown spawn point to (hopefully) fix the infamous Beckett wait bug.
* Fixed some subtitles in Jack's tutorial dialogue.

You can read the full release notes (which also include some exposition regarding past controversies) in this thread at the official forums and download the patch here.

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