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Tranny Grimdark - Hyperreality in Bloodlines & Dragon Age

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Tranny Grimdark - Hyperreality in Bloodlines & Dragon Age

Editorial - posted by Jason on Sun 4 September 2011, 21:03:27

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

There's an article on The Border House calling into question the version of reality presented in gritty and mature games like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Dragon Age: Origins.

I chose one- the auction block or meat market atmosphere of all this ‘simulation’ was not lost on me- and slept with her to see what would happen. In a short cinematic before each session you’re treated to the sex worker lounging on the bed in their underwear making a quip before the scene fades to black. For the trans sex workers, the ones whose gender was called into disrepute by the quotation marks put around ‘female’ in their floating text nameplates, there was often a lot of making light of what is actually a very serious trauma for many trans women: revealing that we are trans in a situation where power is thick in air around us. As she lounges there she is shown talking in a deep and clearly male voice set, the sight of a bulge in her panties, and some quip about how the player ‘shouldn’t act surprised.’ It’s a reiteration of the old ‘deception’ trope about how trans women deceive cis men into bed with them, revealing their genitals as sort of a “gotcha” surprise.

In that moment I realized this was what Bioware thought of me.

Pretty sure we've all had that moment in a BioWare game.



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