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Bloodlines kinda okay with GameHelper

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Bloodlines kinda okay with GameHelper

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 23 December 2004, 15:48:31

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

GameHelper has a review offering of Bloodlines for those interested in yet another take on the game. They didn't like the melee combat and said it doesn't live up to it's full potential, but it's pretty cool anyway. Here's a bit from it:

There is also one aspect of Bloodlines that separates it from any other vampire universe or novel out there, namely Humanity. Also on your character sheet are Humanity points, basically the essence of your previous self that still exists since you were embraced. Humanity places an interesting spin on combat. The less Humanity you have, the more likely you are to frenzy and lose control of your character with the more damage that you take. When frenzied, your damage and speed increases, but you only have the capability to watch the carnage unfold until your character cools down. It may happen sooner than others, and after you’ve regained your senses you’ll have to live with the consequences, if what happened during frenzy had broken the Masquerade.

I'm not quite sure that vampires feeling all guilty for being bloodsuckers and wanting to be more human is exactly new.

Thanks, PennyAnte!

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