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ActionTrip takes a closer look at Bloodlines

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ActionTrip takes a closer look at Bloodlines

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 25 February 2004, 04:28:02

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

ActionTrip posted a preview of Vampires: Bloodlines, a game that's drawing everybody's attention mostly because of the Source engine and always popular vampires.

The impressive thing is that each discussion varies according to the player's preference. Interestingly enough, you are given the freedom to be polite, opinionated, bored, and if you want to cross the line, violence can also be on the menu. Using a violent approach can be fun. Simply select the option, and start wailing away. Nevertheless, such a move could instigate severe consequences, especially if the recipient of said beat down is connected to other influential vampires. So, it's not advisable to go smacking characters in the mug every time you feel like it. Some gamers might be pleased to know that a great portion of the dialogue is crammed with vulgar exclamations and distasteful remarks, so apart from the huge 'M,' you can also throw in an 'R' for offensive language.

Some gamers are not pleased to know that Bloodlines is targeting the lowest common denominator.

Spotted at: GenGamers

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