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Bloodlines chit chat at Terra-Arcanum

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Bloodlines chit chat at Terra-Arcanum

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 3 June 2004, 13:56:04

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

DarkUnderlord has informed me that there's an interview with Leon Boyarsky about that Bloodlines thing they've been trying to pitch lately. Here's a little clip about cussing:

Terra-Arcanum: We understand that there's swearing in the game. Now I'm all for freedom of speech, and the extra expletive or two can be fun in context. However, some games seem to develop a habit of taking it overboard and using it excessively (just because we can swear, we will). They seem to have some need to meet their expletive quota. Is there any of that in Bloodlines or have you managed to restrain yourselves, fuckin' aye?

Leonard Boyarsky: As hard as it has been, we've managed to restrain ourselves. We didn't set out to make some great statement about freedom of speech and swearing in our game, we just decided to not restrict ourselves when developing the dialogs, as we were already pretty assured of receiving a Mature rating. Basically, we just want to have believable, interesting characters that talk like real people - so if we're creating a character in the World of Darkness that would swear, then they will swear.

Restrained swearing? Both fans of Fallout Enforcer will be displeased!

Thanks, DarkUnderlord!

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