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Power of Law GOLD

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Power of Law GOLD

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Sat 11 December 2004, 01:33:28

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

A press release at Blue's News reports that Strategy First (they still exist?) and MiSTland have given COPS 2170: Power of Law the green light and have sent the game off to mass production.

Montreal, Canada. December 9, 2004. Strategy First, Game Factory Interactive and MiST land - South are pleased to announce that the colorful hybrid of tactical strategy and RPG elements, Cops 2170: The Power of Law, has gone gold. Release is scheduled for the end of January, 2005.

“In COPS 2170: The Power of Law, players have the power to decide what type of Cop they want to be. They must choose their allies and enemies carefully in order to restore ‘control and harmony’ to a rapidly deteriorating metropolis,” says Jay Podilchuk, the Producer at Strategy First.

“One feature that players will appreciate is the option to play in either the first or third person view. With the ability to look at a scenario from a different angle, players can really broaden their perspective of a particular scene,” says Vitaly Shutov, President of MiST land - South.​
It looks like rumours of Strategy First's demise were greatly exaggerated. Look out for COPS 2170 sometime next month.

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