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3059 version 3.03 lands

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3059 version 3.03 lands

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 1 January 2005, 15:48:04

Tags: 3059

3059 has been updated to version 3.03 of the colonization/planet exploration rogue-like set in.. Well, here's what the author wrote about the game, since we've never posted anything about it before:

The year is 3059.

Earth has been overpopulated for ages. For the past 200 years, humankind has been seeking out new planets to colonize. Before humans are placed on a new planet, it is prepared with a basic set of roads, satellite networks, and buildings constructed by autonomous robots. You've just been placed on planet Esperenza, the planet of hope, with groups of other settlers. There is no organized authority in effect, and large cities and vehicles have yet to arrive; aliens still live freely in uncivilized areas. You have every chance to be anything you want to be.

Live long and prosper in 3059.​
And here's the feature list per the author as well:

  • quickly saves your exact state in the game on exit at any time, so you can jump right back into the action seamlessly
  • offers complete freedom; you can roam virtually endlessly in any direction at any time
  • has no plateau; there will always be something more to get, do or see
  • easilly fits on a floppy disk, and can run smoothly on machines slower than 600mhz
  • incorporates an original, efficient and unique skill, statistics, rendering, sound and AI engine

That no plateau feature sounds pretty impossible, doesn't it?

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