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Sudeki Press Announcement

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Sudeki Press Announcement

Game News - posted by Exitium on Sat 12 February 2005, 13:20:31

Tags: Sudeki

Blue's News and RPG Dot have reported the official press release of Climax's upcoming console-ported action RPG, Sudeki. Here it is:

Already released on Xboxâ„¢ to critical acclaim, the PC version of Sudeki remains faithful to the original's acclaimed gameplay, but takes the adventure to an even greater level with improved visuals and richer sound.

Featuring four uniquely talented heroes - a sultry wizardress, soaring gunslinger, mighty swordsman and dark huntress - Sudeki explodes the traditional boundaries of role-playing games with bigger worlds and more powerful characters than ever before. Equipped with a range of gravity-defying attacks and earth-shattering spells, these characters can work together to defeat hordes of enemy during the frequent, intense real-time battles. And with victory comes the reward of new skills, spells, weapons and powers, allowing players to develop their characters in keeping with the finest traditions of the genre.

Developed internally by Climax's Action studio, Sudeki PC delivers a seamless blend of intense action and compulsive role-playing that will have fans of both genres glued to their monitors. And with such a winning combination of sumptuous visuals, awesome real-time action and gripping story, the game is certain to set a new benchmark for the role-playing genre.

In addition to the fantastic characters, Sudeki boasts a vast game world. While players can revel in exploring this huge land, it made the game's conversion from Xbox to the PC no small task.

Sudeki will be released throughout Europe on March 25 for PC.​
I don't know about the game, but it did get some good reviews about its action component. Hopefully it carries over well to the PC like Beyond Good & Evil did, and doesn't turn out the way so many other ports do.

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