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GameSpot trashes COPS 2170

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GameSpot trashes COPS 2170

Review - posted by Spazmo on Thu 17 February 2005, 02:53:18

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

Gamespot PC have posted a thoroughly negative review of COPS 2170: Power of Law, the new TB RPG dealie game from the land of insane games, Russia. They really hated it and rate the game a meager 4.2/10.

Cops 2170 is the story of Katy, a young police academy graduate out to tackle a corrupt and dangerous world. You control Katy, as well as the members of the squad she recruits, as they battle crime in both the upper and lower parts of the futuristic city that they protect. One of the few interesting features in the game is the branching storyline, which lets you decide which factions you want Katy to assist. Do you assist the corrupt cops? Then again, are they really corrupt? Katy's naïve outlook on the world opens up some interesting questions as to who you can really trust. However, this glimmer of interesting potential is wasted, as it doesn't take long after the first mission for the plot to collapse in a convoluted mess involving mutants, evil corporations, corrupt cops, bloodthirsty robots, evil clowns, gun-toting giant rats, and more.​
There must be something in the water over in Russia, because all their games seem to be completely insane.

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