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WorthPlaying Loves Silent Storm: Sentinels

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WorthPlaying Loves Silent Storm: Sentinels

Review - posted by Exitium on Tue 22 February 2005, 22:13:24

Tags: Nival Interactive; Silent Storm: Sentinels

WorthPlaying has finally decided to write a review of Nival's turn-based strategy sequel, Silent Storm: Sentinels with some very nice things to say about the game, garnering a score of 9/10 and an Editor's Choice Award.

This game can create some beautiful moments that make you just stand back and say, “That was cool!” In one instance, my hero was going down a staircase inside a building and ran into an enemy as he turned the corner. I used up all my action points trying to kill him (there was very little cover to be found nearby that would save him come the enemy’s turn), but was unable to finish him off. I had a sniper stationed outside, however, so I had her take a shot at the guy. The shot goes whizzing through the building wall (with a puff of dust as the bullet rips through) and catches the guy in the side, knocking him over the banister to tumble down to the ground below. Did I mention the physics system is awesome? What can I say? It was simply sweet.

This is a great expansion that does nothing but improve on what already was an excellent game. If you like Turn-based squad combat at all, you’re going to enjoy this game, and I think that just about anyone would have a ton of fun playing it. The learning curve may be a little steep if you’ve never played a game of this style before, but the tutorial is good at teaching you the basics and the ability to customize the difficulty should make this accessible to anyone. Unfortunately there still is no multiplayer, which is the one thing that would have put this game over the top. But, much like the classic X-Com, some games can be great even if it’s just you versus the computer. For reigniting my passion for the turn-based genre and keeping me playing into the wee hours of the morning, it deservingly gets the WP Editors' Choice Award.

I might not have liked Sentinels all that much in comparison to Jagged Alliance 2, but the game definitely deserves the attention

EDIT: for being one of the few turn-based strategy games in years. That's what I'm referring to. To clarify this for the imbeciles among you, I couldn't enjoy Silent Storm (Or Sentinels) because the enemy turns took too damn long.

Spotted at RPGDot.

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