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GameShark Dislikes COPS 2170

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GameShark Dislikes COPS 2170

Review - posted by Exitium on Wed 9 March 2005, 22:39:35

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

GameShark has taken their turn at <a href=http://www.gameshark.com/?c=pc&a=reviews&id=2033>dissing[/url] COPS 2170: The Power of Law. The review is cheery and positive in comparison to other reviews, but ends with a surprising score of 2/5 sharks.

Gamers who just happen to be both cyberpunk freaks and strategy addicts might find some real value from COPS, but overall this is a very disappointing title that most gamers would be better to pass on.​
That'd be the mainstream. What a revelation!

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