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The Cult Interview

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The Cult Interview

Interview - posted by JC on Sat 2 November 2002, 22:28:18

Tags: 3D People; Kult: Heretic Kingdoms

Gamer's Hell has put up an interview with German developer 3D People regarding their up-coming isometric fantasy RPG, The Cult. Upon looking at their screenshots I thought "Baldur's Gate Clone", and indeed a question about BG did arise:

Baldur's Gate to name just one of the many has its very own community. Do you envisage THE CULT to be as successful?

We don’t want to compete with Baldur’s Gate - we don’t have enough experience, time and money to compete with such title, although we will try to. Baldur’s Gate has a big advantage of AD&D rules, that we don’t have, but we are trying to make it better :) .​
Could be promising, comes out in 2003.

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