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More fun quotes from DW Bradley

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More fun quotes from DW Bradley

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 28 March 2005, 17:11:16

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

CG Online has posted an interview with DW Bradley of Dungeon Lords' fame. DW is still in denial and continues to stick with his story about the culmination, the genre improvement, and the overall betterment of mankind.

First, can you tell us how the basic idea for Dungeon Lords came about?
Dungeon Lords is the culmination of 20+ years experience making RPGs. There were a number of things we felt could be improved upon from previous games, and Dungeon Lords is an attempt to bring all of those improvements and refinements together.

What can you tell us about the combat system?
It’s a lot of fun! The idea was to actively involve the player in the combat, rather than just pointing the mouse at an enemy and clicking away madly to try and kill them. In Dungeon Lords, players will have different moves based on their choice of weapon(s) and so combat will be more of an individualized experience.

What other gameplay elements will Dungeon Lords have?
Dungeon Lords is a return to the days when RPGs had really strong narrative elements. If you’re looking for a game with an in-depth story, this is the one you want to play. However, we understand that many gamers enjoy faster action as well, and we think they’ll be pretty happy with the wide variety of realtime combat and magic elements at their disposal. Finally, because it’s always more fun to play with a friend (or friends) we also support co-operative multiplayer.​
Yeah, everyone knows that fast action goes well with in-depth storytelling.

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