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Minions of Mirth Updates

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Minions of Mirth Updates

Game News - posted by Exitium on Tue 29 March 2005, 19:34:26

Tags: Minions of Mirth; Prairie Games

After recovering from a malicious hacker that destroyed their forums, Prairie Games, the developers of the a the new concept RPG Minions of Mirth has re-launched its forums with several new screenshots and tidbits of information on the game's upcoming features. Here's what RPGDot found interesting.

We want to keep the actual GUI controls as clean as possible. This is so you can see the world "thru" the gui, as you play. In the example shot, I have a bunch of the GUI up and for display. You would probably never have this much of it open at a time. There are hotkeys and on screen buttons for toggling displays, etc.

There are many, many fantasy icons, images, etc that the GUI uses. There are also fantasy elements to it that can't be seen in the GUI shot. There's a coffin in the loot window, your spellbook is represented, etc. There are things like the inn interface (where you can drop off, pick up, or even create new characters while in the game!) that could use a little sprucing up.

I should put up a screenshot that shows a minimal GUI display as well, it's really not as complicated or scary as it may look! Shocked

You can play 1-6 characters in single player and multiplayer... You only have to control one avatar's location.. that is, the avatar represents your party's location. There's plenty of RPG gameplay to have fun with, we decided that worrying about navigating all your party members was more chore than anything. In this respect, it's like Might & Magic, Wizardry, Demise, etc.

In multiplayer, you can form alliances with other players of up to 36 characters. Think multiplayer Might & Magic/Wizardry... it's actually quite easy to control. There is a special Alliance window (shown above) where you can easily select other characters for healing spells, etc. You can setup hotkeys so your fighters attack, your archers shoot their bows, and your wizard throws a fireball, all with one key!

We want a game that scales for casual to hardcore RPG players, and everyone inbetween! The emphasis is always on fun.​

Thanks wesleyclark.

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