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Tower of Doom persists to 0.3.0

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Tower of Doom persists to 0.3.0

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 30 March 2005, 18:07:35

Tags: Warp Rogue

Tower of Doom has hit version 0.3.0 of the Warhammer 40k styled rogue-like. Here's a list of the changes to the ASCII graphics, sci-fi and fantasy styled dungeon crawler:
  • The game uses a "Player sees everything" display mode now.
  • The old dungeon builder was replaced by a newly written one which produces Rogue-style dungeons.
  • Reworked the haggle system (it's now based on Fel).
  • The keyboard bindings are configurable now. The UI has changed a little because of this.
  • Fate points now work like "normal" extra lifes(i.e. you're no longer pushed down a level).
  • A new class of items was added: Stimms. Two stimms have been implemented so far: "'Slaught" and "Med".
  • The game world is now pre-generated at start-up and completely persistent.
  • The "Furious Assault" skill was changed. It is even more powerful now.
  • A few skills were renamed.
  • The Eldar race was removed.
  • The EP rewards for kills were increased.
  • A new character attribute was added: "Cannot Open Doors".
  • Misc. smaller changes.
  • The engine code has been improved a lot. The new code base is faster, cleaner and more stable
Furious-er Assault?

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