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Star Wolves Delights ToTheGame

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Star Wolves Delights ToTheGame

Review - posted by Exitium on Sun 3 April 2005, 06:51:13

Tags: 1C Entertainment; Star Wolves

ToTheGame is the 2nd website to write a review of the underappreciated, but excellent space-themed RPG Star Wolves and they liked what the game had to offer, awarding it with a score of 7/10 with an 8/10 in Gameplay. Here's a small snippet of the review:

Let me first say that Star Wolves is not a bad game. Actually, it's pretty good and I will tell you why over the next few paragraphs. Your adventure starts in single player mode, since there isn't a multiplayer. You choose a name for your hero and his perks. There are 4 main skill trees to choose from. Piloting, Gunnery, Missiles and Electronic Warfare. All these have their own specialised skills, but there is a fair set of standard skills that all the different trees have. An example of this is that you can't critical hit anything with guns if you aren't a gunner, and vice versa with missiles. These perks are achieved by paying experience points for them after you have accumulated some. At character creation you have a few experience points to throw around on general skills such as basic piloting or a perk that makes your character learn a percentage faster.​

All in all, it's a pretty short review. You can read the rest here.

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