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Dungeon Lords extravaganza

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Dungeon Lords extravaganza

Preview - posted by Jinxed on Thu 7 April 2005, 06:39:34

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

According to Worthplaying, Dungeon Lords is too cool to be true. Their article is hype central, without neglecting comedy gold moments as it usually is with half assed previews.

I gotta tell you folks: this game had me talking to myself. At first glance, it plays a lot like Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. You have total control of your hero in an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. Sidestepping, jumping, strafing - you name it, and it's there. But be warned: the learning curve is pretty steep, and I felt more like a pincushion than a mighty warrior for quite some time. The baddies come at you in hordes, and just when you think you have a second to breathe, here comes another slew of them.

Utilizing the tried-and-true WASD movement scheme, Dungeon Lords makes use of movement to enhance combat. No quick "walk up to a monster and just start clicking the right mouse button" here, gang. You better pay attention to each thrust, parry and strike if you want to keep your spleen and various and sundry other organs on the inside of your body.​

There is nothing better in an rpg than 3rd person action camera ala Vampire, which in addition requires extra mouse aiming skills to attack enemies correctly.

Dungeon Lords extravaganza Part 2

If you're still interested in this title, head over to RPG Vault to get a peek at 6 new screenshots.

It looks like someone forgot to turn the lights on in that game.

Spotted at: Bluesnews

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