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Gamershell: Dungeon Lords won't be ready this year.

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Gamershell: Dungeon Lords won't be ready this year.

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 16 April 2005, 17:58:36

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

Gamers Hell has posted a preview of everyone's favourite combat RPG of 2004. Unfortunately, for those who give a damn, the game is "nowhere near ready" and should spend another year in development.

The action in Dungeon Lords promises to be faster paced and more action oriented than previous Heuristic Park games, due to the move to real time hack'n'slash versus turn based combat, and if they can resolve some of these engine bugs and polish the game a lot more, this could really be one of the big titles of whatever year it eventually comes out in. As none is warranted, especially given Heuristic's record and the general attitude of PC game developers these days, I have absolutely no faith that Dungeon Lords will be released “when it's done”, because based on this press beta I can safely say it won't be ready this year, and I'm sure the pressure is mounting to get this sucker out the door as it's already far, far late to market. If it is released soon, we're in for a nearly unplayable glitch marathon based on unrefined technology that was dated when the project began years ago.​
Well, I'm glad to know that switching to RT is working out for DW Bradley

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