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eToychest thinks Kult sucks

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eToychest thinks Kult sucks

Review - posted by Exitium on Mon 25 April 2005, 10:16:55

Tags: 3D People; Kult: Heretic Kingdoms

Here's a little something stupid to brighten the rest of your day. A <a href=http://www.etoychest.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1228&Itemid=42>review[/url] from eToychest of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms with an absurdly low score of 60%. Warning: the following snippet consists of pure stupidity.

The original Heretic Kingdoms was born too late and too mediocre. Some games are born mediocre, some games achieve mediocrity, and some games have mediocrity thrust upon them. With Heretic Kingdoms, it had been all three. Even among games lacking all distinction, it inevitably stood out as a game even more lacking than the rest, and people who played it were always impressed by just how unimpressive it was.

Enter Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition. It has all the features of a ‘from the garage’ game without any of the perks one might find in that particular category. Good garage games are noted for their low budget quality, but also for the ingenuity and quality one would expect from a group of serious developers trying to break into the industry. Of course, it’s being generous simply assuming it’s from the garage, because the cold hard reality is it’s not.​
It sounds like the reviewer wrote the whole paragraph about 'mediocrity' long before he ever wrote this review, and he was looking for the perfect opportunity, also known as 'the underappreciated game you can knock around without anyone calling you out for it regardless of the nonsense you write because nobody will ever truly know if you're lying', to use that entire paragraph. The internet is serious business.

But for what it's worth, eToychest is a slop bucket of game reviews.

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