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Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 29 April 2005, 17:02:48

Tags: Dungeon Lords

And here's the press release, filled with the important links:

Toronto, April 29, 2005 - DreamCatcher Games, an award-winning publisher of PC and console games, today announced Dungeon Lords has reached gold status worldwide. To mark the occasion, DreamCatcher has released the intro-cinematic for Dungeon Lords, created by Brain Zoo Studios, giving fans a taste of what to expect when the game ships on May 4, 2005.

Dungeon Lords blends the depth of an Epic Fantasy RPG with the flexibility of an FPS-style control system. Gamers journey through a land of ancient castles and dungeon lairs to engage in real-time tactical combat with a variety of deadly foes. It’s not just about the battles though, as magic spells and hundreds of powerful weapons and artifacts play a huge role in the game.

The game features an abundance of personal missions and quests along with numerous characters to interact with. Players can customize an extensive variety of skills and special abilities for the hero, including race and class specializations. The simple and intuitive design will thrill RPG and action fans alike and supports cooperative multiplayer for up to eight players.

Dungeon Lords Features:
  • Real-time player control of combat tactics, including a vast selection of weaponry, magic spells and powerful artifacts
  • Detailed character hero development that includes a host of personal attributes, skills, and special abilities
  • 4 completely different schools of magic
  • Multiple Class Specializations - each with unique abilities and attributes
  • Extensive Inventory that features common, rare, and unique items
  • Designed, written and developed by award-winning computer game author, D.W. Bradley
  • Full support for Multi-Player group game sessions for up to 8 players
  • Multiplayer adjusts to the number of players. The more players, the more difficult the monsters they encounter
Dungeon Lords has an ESRB rating of “T” for Teen in North America and “12+ PEGI” in Europe. For more information visit the game’s website at: www.dungeonlords.com.

About DreamCatcher Games:
DreamCatcher Games is a worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software committed to the release of quality action, strategy and role-playing games on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, and Windows®. Its large portfolio of games includes Painkiller: “Single-Player Shooter of the Year” and the official title of the 2005 CPL World Tour. More information about DreamCatcher Games and its products can be found at http://www.dreamcatchergames.com.​
Have the Combat RPG of 2004 jokes already been beaten to death? I think so, so none from me here.

Thanks, Tara!

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