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Mage Knight Apocalypse Announced

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Mage Knight Apocalypse Announced

Game News - posted by Sol Invictus on Fri 6 May 2005, 13:05:06

Tags: Bandai Namco Entertainment; Mage Knight: Apocalypse

Namco Hometek, a division of Namco, has announced the development of an action-RPG for the PC (and only the PC) based on the collectible miniatures game of the same name.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (May 5, 2005) - Leading video games developer and publisher Namco Hometek Inc. announced today "Mage Knight Apocalypse," an action role-playing game for the PC based on the best-selling collectible miniature game from WizKids Games. Designed with a unique character leveling system and an unprecedented focus on team play, "Mage Knight Apocalypse" allows up to five players to embark on a cooperative or competitive journey through a war-torn fantasy setting, and is planned for release in Spring 2006.

"Mage Knight Apocalypse" follows the events of an upcoming "Mage Knight" storyline. A mysterious power has issued an ominous portent and the call has gone out for stalwart heroes from all reaches of the Land to battle against an army of pure evil. Leading this army is The Apocalypse Dragon, a seemingly unstoppable five headed juggernaut of destruction that has been reborn and set loose on an unprepared populace. Taking the role of one of 5 characters, the player must band together with other legendary heroes to face this Dragon and defeat the forces of Chaos in the "Mage Knight" universe.

Team dynamics will be vital in "Mage Knight Apocalypse," and players will need to select their party carefully, combining melee, ranged and magical strikes in conjunction with overwhelming group combo attacks to triumph in battle. Players can quest alone or with friends in five-player cooperative and competitive play modes, working together or going head-to-head in the ultimate clash for battlefield supremacy. Players can choose from five distinct character classes and customize them with hundreds of weapons, armor and items, equipping the right gear for each intense encounter.
Unlike other action RPGs, in "Mage Knight Apocalypse," players will have no need to worry about ability points or discreet levels to gain. Instead, character development depends on what type of playing style the player enjoys. Swinging a heavy sword will make you stronger, casting spells will make your magic more powerful, and shooting bows will improve dexterity.
The skills players use and the way they use them determines how the character will develop.

"'Mage Knight' has captivated collectible miniature game fans for years with endless strategy and a unique fantasy premise," said Grantley Day, business unit director at Namco Hometek, Inc. "'Mage Knight Apocalypse' brings the heroism and mythology of this adored property from the tabletop to the PC, delivering an all-new storyline and focusing on team play to capture the same sense of community and teamwork that has made "Mage Knight" a worldwide phenomenon."

"The beloved and rich world of 'Mage Knight' has found a great home on the PC," said Jordan Weisman, CEO of WizKids Inc. and creator of the "Mage Knight" game and fictional universe. "This game will capture all of the strategy and fun of 'Mage Knight' for new and old fans alike." Created in 2000, "Mage Knight" spawned an entire genre of collectable games and is one of the most recognizable fantasy game properties.

For more information about Mage Knight Apocalypse, please visit http://www.namco.com/games/mkapocalypse.​
The character development system sounds a little like what we've read about Dungeon Siege II, so I don't see how it's "unlike other action RPGs". Regardless, I'm interested in seeing how this game turns out, especially given that the combat (I'm judging by the screenshots) seems more like Guild Wars rather than the third person RTS of Dungeon Siege.

When all that's said and done I'm glad there's at least one publisher that seems genuinely interested in delivering RPGs and other games for the PC and not the console.

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