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Dungeon Lords first impressions

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Dungeon Lords first impressions

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 7 May 2005, 04:46:23

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

Apparently, <a href=http://dreamcatcherinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20799&page=6&pp=10>the general consensus[/url] is that Dungeon Lords sucks as predicted. Here is what the lucky owners of the game report on the official forums:

yeah, this game really needs a patch. The only thing that really makes me mad right now is the lack of a map. Some places are huge and without a map its frustrating running in circles looking for the right way to go. The other thing that doesnt effect game play but really ruins the multiplayer is the lack of customizing your toon. If all of us playing want to be the same race we all look a like which is reall annoying.
Resolution fixes, anything over 800x600, the main menu doesnt stretch to the screen and when you start playing it works fine but the text sizes decrease with the higher resolution. makes it really hard to read diag boxes.
Character customization. Only the default models are available so if everyone is human, they all look the same.
No Map in game, very easy to get lost.
still has auto delete for duplicate inventory items. this really sucks for multiplayer.
And the junk tab does nothing but take up space.
only left handed combat. Not really a big deal to me, but other peoples life's seem to depend on this feature.
Still no cross hair for targeting. This doesnt bother me either.
I only player for a few hours before getting lost and frustrated so I quit untill a patch fixes some of these things. So these are the only things that stand out to me as broken but there maybe more
wheres the target indicator, wheres the map, wheres the features that were not implemented in the demo in the retail...Did I just pay $40 for a updated DEMO... I hope not and if I could return this software(junk) I most likely would but losing 1/2 the price for 1hrs use (or attempted use) just burns me
That's odd.. Options are in the manual but not in the game?!?​
A patch is on its way and should be available early next week. I don't see many of the above mentioned issues being <a href=http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=25260&mode=thread&order=0>addressed[/url], but then again, perhaps, it would be easier to make a new game than to fix DL.

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