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GamersHell butchers Dungeon Lords

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GamersHell butchers Dungeon Lords

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 13 May 2005, 02:24:06

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

Gamers Hell has posted a devastating review of the crapfest known as Dung Lords, giving it 4/10 and wishing bad things to Dreamcatcher for the "mockery".

Dungeon Lords is probably the least finished game to ever be shipped for PC, excepting Battlecruiser 3000 AD, a title that will probably hold the honour for as long as PC gaming exists. Very few features in Dungeon Lords work, and the few that do, work poorly. It's quite sad, too, because underneath the ancient technology, thousands of bugs, flawed combat system, long load times, pathetic AI, poor performance, dated graphics, promised features that have gone missing, and a complete, total, and savage disregard for PC gamers as a group, there is a fun game in here...

Dungeon crawls are great fun, with tons of monsters to kill, random loot spread on monsters and in chests all over the place, and a character progression skill tree that is second to none. Unfortunately, those two things are all the game does well, and it forces you to do tons of other things in the game that are done so poorly you will likely not bother to play it past the Arindale area, where you begin to finally realize just how unfinished the game is. Literally everything else in the entire game is either poorly designed, left out, or bugged to hell.

A combat system that is hideously flawed. It relies on action and timing your swings, like Gothic 2, but unlike Gothic 2, the hitboxes and moves suck ass. You never know if your hits are going to connect, and the combat always ends up as a click fest as you jump around and try to get as many hits as possible as a mob of goblins mill about in front of you. Battles never, EVER look remotely like a real fantasy battle, but instead like a drunken mob of cowboys and vikings playing a round of Grab Ass.​
I hope that's the last we've heard of DW Bradley

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