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The Amazing Fate Interview

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The Amazing Fate Interview

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 27 May 2005, 08:09:55

Tags: Fate; Travis Baldree; Wild Tangent

Here's our interview with Travis Baldree about Fate. For a sample of it, keep reading this news post.

8.) Fate offers shrines/altars with random outcomes occationally in the dungeon. Can you tell us a little bit about them? What they do? What are the advantages and disadvantages of characters using them?

Most of these are inspired by the classic Telengard, which had Shrines that you could donate money at to receive stat bonuses. There were also Thrones that you could pry the gems out of. In addition to Magic Anvils, they add little moments of risk to break up the dungeons - should I or shouldn't I? The rewards can be pretty amazing, but the penalties can really stink. I think that sort of permanent-effect risk is part of the fun of roguelikes.​
Prying the gems out of the statues is my personal favorite in the game. I rarely ever get the gems, but I get to kick something's ass. That's okay with me.

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