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Dungeon Lords UK delay

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Dungeon Lords UK delay

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 2 June 2005, 20:47:05

Tags: Dungeon Lords

Mindscape is delaying the release of Dungeon Lords until next month, because it's buggy:

Mindscape has today taken the decision to delay the release of Dungeon Lords by three weeks, to allow the award-winning development team additional time to address and polish some aspects of the gameplay.

Mindscape apologises for this delay, however, as a distributor and publisher of quality leisure and games software, Mindscape feels honour bound to offering only the best titles, produced to the highest of standards, to its loyal fan and customer base.

Mindscape apologises for any inconvenience caused and its sales and marketing team are available for any further enquiries.

Dungeon Lords will now be available for PC on 1st July 2005.​
I'm not sure why they'd be apologising for delaying it considering...

Thanks, Killzig!

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