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Dungeon Lords is meh per GamerDad

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Dungeon Lords is meh per GamerDad

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 16 June 2005, 19:58:10

Tags: Dungeon Lords

GamerDad has reviewed that wacky Dungeon Lords. Like most all the other reviews, this one says while there may be some fun found, it's basically an unpolished world void of much coolness. Here's a bit on the rating, since that's the niche of this site:

There are many "rating gap" games, especially in the E to T range. This game is rated T, but there is an M-rated level of blood. There is, however, no bad language, no nudity or implied sexual situations, and the women are not displayed in an objectified manner. The pacing of the story and dialogue is from a different gaming era, and younger gamers may find it boring or annoying. But if they enjoy the action of games like Jedi Knight II, and are looking for a fun fantasy role-playing game, this might be worth a try.​
I'm kind of confused on how objectifying women would affect a rating.

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