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Dungeon Lords nailed by GameOver

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Dungeon Lords nailed by GameOver

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 17 June 2005, 20:39:51

Tags: Dungeon Lords

There's a review of Dungeon Lords over at GameOver. The reviewer apparently didn't like the game, and gave it a 57%. Here's a clip of the fun:

There are more parts of the game I could talk about, but I’ve exhausted all the parts I even faintly liked, and I don’t want to pile on. Certainly by this point you should have gotten the idea that I didn’t really like the game, and I shouldn’t have to detail all of the problems with the interface, or list all of the bugs that might prevent you from finishing the game, to get the idea across that Dungeon Lords isn’t a game you should run out and buy any time soon. In fact, I’d recommend that you wait for the 1.3 patch to come out. That patch should add most of the missing features to the game, and by the time it comes out, Dungeon Lords will probably have hit the bargain bin. At $15, Dungeon Lords is a decent risk. At its SRP of $39.99 USD, I’d pass.​
Yeah, you probably should detail those since you detailed things every other review's already detailed. We already know there's no automap and the towns are vacant. Besides, it's funny.

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