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Angband marches on to v3.0.6

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Angband marches on to v3.0.6

Development Info - posted by Fez on Wed 22 June 2005, 05:44:08

Tags: Angband

The classic roguelike goodness that is Angband has now been updated to version 3.0.6, with a list of changes that you'd be hard-pressed to shake a rather large stick at. Here's a sample:

  • Added a new type of subwindow for displaying the dungeon area around the player
  • Added a new subwindow type "Display player (compact)" that displays the left-hand-side of the main term (player stats, hitpoints, gold,...) in a separate window
  • Added a new window type that displays the info from the status line
  • Use actual monster and object symbols instead of a list of hardcoded symbols when hallucinating
  • Added Craig Oliver's Sound FX Patch version 1.1 that adds about 120 new sound events to the game
  • Scroll the map when the player is 1/4th of the visible grids away from the edge of the map display
  • Fixed a stupid bug that could cause the game to hang or crash when killing quest monsters near the edge of the dungeon
  • Added missing tiles and tile assignments for the 32x32 tiles
  • The charges of rods of perception weren't handled correctly when compiling with scripting turned off
  • Cursed speed rings should not increase the level feeling
  • The experience loss as a result of one of the One Ring's activations is now 1/4 of both max and current experience instead of the unintended reduction of max exp by 3/16 of the current experience
  • Cleaned up the handling of experience draining when the player has Hold Life. The fixed part of the exp drain by nether breaths is now also reduced by Hold Life

Frodo should have waited for the patch for preciousssss, silly Hobbitses.

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