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Titan Quest prehype at GameSpy

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Titan Quest prehype at GameSpy

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 27 June 2005, 23:58:47

Tags: Titan Quest

GameSpy has a preview of Iron Lore's upcoming Greeky, Egypty action CRPG: Titan Quest. Here's the paragraph about classless:
To that end, the Iron Lore team has tried to re-think a lot of what's always been accepted as holy writ in the RPG world. They started out by throwing out the idea of character classes. When Titan Quest begins, players pick to be male or female, choose a name, and that's it. Everything else in the game is completely up to the player. As their character goes up in levels, they'll receive skill points that they can attach to any skill available in the game. If player want to have a nimble thief-like character that excels at ranged combat and attack spells, that's what they'll become. If, on the other hand, all they want is a damage-dealing tank who restricts spell-casting to heals, that can be done as well.

Hooray for classlessness!

Spotted at: Shack News

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