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RPGDot talks to Fate developer

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RPGDot talks to Fate developer

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 29 June 2005, 03:58:13

Tags: Fate; Travis Baldree; Wild Tangent

RPGDot had a word with Travis Baldree of Wild Tangent, creator of the action RPG Fate, and return with an interview.
RPGDot: What specifically did you want to achieve when you developed the concepts behind the game? Do you think you've met these goals?

Travis: The main goals were to make a fun game that was easily accessible, replayable, and surprisingly deep (for my market) in under 6 months. I also wanted to push as far beyond the expectations for a 20 dollar downloadable game as possible, to see if I could make it really stand out. I think we hit the mark - so far the response has been great. Players have been having fun, and are replaying the game, and we even have a little mod community springing up.
For a game developed in six months by a small team, Fate is a damn miracle. Certain unnamed companies with over fifty people on a project for several years still put out turds.

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