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Night Watch trailer at WorthPlaying

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Night Watch trailer at WorthPlaying

Preview - posted by Astromarine on Sat 23 July 2005, 01:25:59

Tags: Night Watch; Nival Interactive

Worthplaying have a new trailer available for Night Watch right here:

Join the Night Watch and step out to protect the case of Light using all your magic power! Get ready to step into thrilling magic battles in two parallel realities - in real locations of modern Moscow and in the Dusk, the Other layer of reality filled with magic. As you gain experience your power will grow - and you will choose a type of Other you want to be out of three, Shapeshifter, Enchanter and Mage, each of them having its own special spells and abilities. Magic battles in reality and in the Dusk and twisted plot with unexpected turns will make your service in the Night Watch an unforgettable adventure and a captivating challenge.

Nival is a developer with an excellent tactical game under their belt, and they have shown with Hammer & Sickle that they are willing to use their fantastic engine to produce games which are closer and closer to the definition of RPGs. Execution, of course, is another matter entirely, but in this day and age the simple fact that companies are willing to try is enough cause for hope.

The trailer is 64.6 Mb.

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