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Dungeon Lords filleted by 1Up

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Dungeon Lords filleted by 1Up

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 5 August 2005, 19:21:09

Tags: Dungeon Lords

1Up has posted a tiny review of Dungeon Lords where it earned a whopping 1.5/10. That rating falls between the Crap and Disaster ratings per their system. Anyway, the fun:

Dungeon Lords can also be played cooperatively with up to seven unfortunate people in a multiplayer mode highly prone to lag and crashes. You might want to take care who you invite to play, though--this game could be a friendship destroyer. You'll find that the "friendly fire" damage option stays on regardless of whether you opt to disable it. And you can't target hostile mobs--you just swing wildly into the air, fruitlessly hoping to hit enemies instead of teammates. One handy way to avoid hitting your friends is to add spellcasting abilities to your fighter's repertoire; of course, it's also one way to avoid hitting mobs, because after casting spells (which are consumable and run dry pretty fast), your melee attacks inexplicably go dead. There's a workaround on DreamCatcher's forums, but this--and many other game-breaking bugs--will have you pulling your hair out in frustration.​
I can see friendly fire for spells and ranged, but it's a little odd for melee considering how melee is done in this game.

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