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Sacred Underworld patch 2.24 released

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Sacred Underworld patch 2.24 released

Game News - posted by Astromarine on Tue 9 August 2005, 20:57:40

Tags: Sacred Underworld

Ascaron has released an update for Sacred Underworld, their expansion to the relatively well-received Diablo-clone Sacred.

Here's the fixlist for patch 2.24:

* Recurring Bugs in "Chain Lightning" fixed.
* Lag issues through frequent use of “Tentacle” spell fixed.
* If you dismount from a horse directly near a cave, go into the cave and return, not only did the horse become irreversibly invisible but the player also, at least while riding. Fixed.
* If a mage binds a mounted character by way of a magic spell the horse won’t move anymore, even if the spell has ended. Fixed..
* Weapons of Shadow Guards were wrongfully displayed between their legs. Fixed.
* Skill value overflow for some characters. Fixed.
* LAN / Open Net start button not always functional. Fixed.
* Horse riding no longer counts as inactivity in Multiplayer games.
* Fixed a bug in Pigeon Pottpercy subquest: Three pirates did not always appear or were not applicable to quest.
* Fixed LAN / Open Net bug in Ancaria The Forge of the Elders mainquest. Occasionally not possible to summon the demon because Shareefa disappeared.
* Some possible causes for ingame freezes were fixed.​
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