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Age of Pirates gets a publisher

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Age of Pirates gets a publisher

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 24 August 2005, 07:32:30

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Age of Pirates, another piratey RPG from Akella is looking to set sail world wide thanks to an agreement with Playlogic Entertainment. Here's the release:

Moscow, Aug. 21, 2005 – Akella, 1C and Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. today announced the deal about Worldwide publishing of the highly anticipated upcoming Akella’s pirate RPG game Age of Pirates. Since now Playlogic adds this title to its current line-up.

Based on the next generation sea engine STORM 2.5, Age of Pirates provides an incredible graphic experience. The game was produced in cooperation with leading Eastern European games publisher 1C and is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter.

The world of Age of Pirates exists on 16 islands and the endless seas of the Caribbean. The two main characters each have their own spectacular story. Over 16 types of ships are at the player’s disposal. Features include hiring officers to improve sailing capabilities and fighters to help boarding and melee encounters. The players must also fight foreign ships, capture slaves and attack forts to conquer colonies and develop their own colonies. Age of Pirates embodies the freedom of sailing, trading, fighting, colonization and the unlimited exploration of the real Caribbean.

According to Stefan Layer, COO/VP of Playlogic, "Age of Pirates is a very innovative original IP with open-ended gameplay. I have been following the development of this project for a long time and am impressed by its quality. The title further broadens Playlogic’s diverse line-up for 2005 and 2006.”

"We are very excited about signing this contract with Playlogic, as I think that Playlogic is a very promising publisher that is going to become a major player in the games business very soon," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director of 1C Company. "Age of Pirates should be a great contribution to Playlogic’s portfolio."

Dmitry Arkhipov, VP Development of Akella, said, "This is our third RPG pirates game. Because of the experience in development and the feedback from the numerous fans of the previous titles, we have been able to create a high-quality game that the vast pirate games community is eagerly awaiting. I am glad that Playlogic will present Age of Pirates to the worldwide market and am confident that it will be highly successful."​
I'd be happier if you had a general, generic character creation type system rather than picking one of two premade types.

Thanks, Svetaska!

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