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Sacred Gold semi-happiness at GameZone

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Sacred Gold semi-happiness at GameZone

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 27 August 2005, 18:38:21

Tags: Sacred

GameZone offers a positive review of Sacred Gold, which is the original, the Plus, and the Underworld expansions all rolled in to one package. The final score is a 7.4/10. Here's a bit on the faults:

Now it's only fair that I give this review a good overview and that includes talking about the game's weakest feature. The hit-and-miss combat system. You see, while playing, you kind of have to pay a bit more attention to the little things than what you are used to in an RPG. Characters feel almost uninterested in fighting as it appears they are swinging at thin air. And in some cases they are since combat on horseback raises all sorts of other problems.​
Anyone able to make sense out of that paragraph there?

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