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Loaded Inc digs Space Rangers 2

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Loaded Inc digs Space Rangers 2

Review - posted by Astromarine on Tue 20 September 2005, 11:40:17

Tags: Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Space Rangers 2 has gotten a pretty positive <a href=http://www.loadedinc.com/review.php?temp_view=review.php&game=Space%20Rangers&id=567>review[/url] at Loaded Inc. The usual Space Trader genre gripes are brought forward (lack of personality to each planet, main story not envolving enough, graphics not pixel-shaded and lightbloomed enough), but the reviewer still finds the game agreeable in moderation, and gives it a 7/10:

I have seen this formula before. Space Rangers is a game that tries to be everything by blending multiple genres and promising to be something "new." The reality here is that the game almost succeeds at putting a new quilt together for gamers. Unfortunately, in the end, the game grows tiresome and the initial infatuation you may feel will give way to the grim reality that you have played this before, even though it was not all at once. This game has a lot of potential to offer many hours of gameplay, but, ultimately, players probably will tire of it too quickly. There is just not enough of a story to push you to keep playing.​
Expect a Codex review in a few weeks, if all goes well.

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