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XGR Q&As Goldenland

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XGR Q&As Goldenland

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 13 November 2002, 01:29:18

Tags: Golden Land

XGR has served up a tasty interview with Sergeu Buravtsov, the one of the leads on the upcoming turn based CRPG, Goldenland. Here's a sample:

XGR: What role, if any, will NPC's (non-player characters) have in the game? Are some NPC's going to come into play regardless of the path taken by the player?

Berut CT: Since Goldenland can be called CRPG, of course NPCs will play an important role in the gameplay. Most of the characters are unique each with it’s own behaviour, dialogues, goals. We paid a lot of attention to their behaviour algorithms and this allowed to make practically unique behaviour to each NPC.​

Yeah, it's kind of hard to have a CRPG without those pesky NPCs.

Spotted this at Shack News.

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